Core Workouts For Exercise

Core exercises and core workouts are extremely important to any core workout routine, or ANY workout routine for that matter! Core workouts engage the entire body, and you see faster results. Or maybe you are looking for an exercise program to lose weight? Core Workouts has everything from weight loss, to muscle building, to just getting in better health.

Core Workouts for exercise

Learning how to workout using your entire core is so beneficial during your exercise routines. I really think it can be a bit of a time saver as well! When using larger muscle groups, you get the opportunity to utilize your time in the gym much better.

Core Workout Routines

You will find several core workout routines with video samples on this site. We are adding more core workouts and exercise videos everyday, so, check back often. Core workouts include ab workout routines, core workout, core workout exercises, core workouts for men, core exercises, and core training.

Workout Routines

How do you know which workout routine is best for you? the If you haven’t ever worked out before, it’s a great idea to get a personal trainer to assist you with a program and a set you up on a great exercise and workout routine. It’s not as expensive as you might think, and most trainers can be hired for short term sessions to get you well on your way to your fitness goals. If you’re seasoned at working out, then, there should be some great suggestions here for you to add new workout routines and exercises to your program. You will find all sorts of workouts including boxing workout routines, yoga workout routines, strength training, muscle endurance routines, bootcamp workout routines, home workout routines, and even a place where you can post your favorite best workout routine!

Workout Routines For Women
Women are always afraid of ‘bulking up’. Well, relax. Weight lifting is for women too! You will find a ton of information about working out, losing weight, and general women’s fitness. In this section you will find some of the best workout routines for women.

Muscle Workout Routines
Now, most workout routines actually build muscle, and we want to (even women!), but, this section IS for bulking up and building larger muscles. Also known as workout routines for men!

Health and Fitness
My philosophy is that health and fitness go hand and hand. Exercise is a great way to improve our health on so many levels! In this section you will find ideas on recipes, nutrition, health benefits from exercise and much more!

In this section, you will find all sorts of video demonstrations of different exercises, including kettlebell workout routines, bootcamp style exercises, and lot’s of fun stuff! Similar to the exercise you see here which is demonstrated by my friend, Hans. He is a Yoga instructor, and teaches fitness. I asked him what he felt was one of the best core workout routines, and he showed me this exercise.

core workouts

Core Workouts Routine Exercise Instruction

Place your knees up against the ball. Now, roll forward, and your feet will lift up off the floor, so that just your knees are on the ball. Then, once you are balanced, you bring your body up and hold your arms out to your sides. One of the tricks here is to roll the ball until your feet are touching it, and really use your feet for balance. When you roll up holding your hands on the ball, you just have to find that perfect balance point. It seems impossible at first, but, once you get the hang of it. It really works the quads, the hamstrings, your glutes, your calves, and your entire core.

This is a very advanced exercise, so, if you don’t get it the first time, keep trying. Even attempting this one will start to work your ENTIRE core! All core muscle groups are engaged when doing this core workout exercise.

Core Workouts Are Added Almost Daily

This will be the theme througout this website. I will be researching the best workout routines, and especially, the best core workouts that are available. New workout routines will be added daily, so, check back often. I’d even love it if you’d submit some of your personal favorite workout routines.

Core Exercises

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Shoulder Rows – Are They Safe?

Shoulder Rows, exactly how safe are they to perform? You know around here we are all about demonstrating exercises, and especially core workouts, however, we are also concerned with safety. Especially safety of the joints. I figure we will need those later on in life! There is nothing worse than being limited because of joint pain.

I love this guy because he gives a full description of why it could be dangerous, and explains exactly what movements are unneccessary, such as the ulnar deviation that happens in an upright shoulder row. He also shows you how you can safely target the same muscle group with a similar motion that doesn’t affect the joints. Brilliant! This is a must watch!

TRX: Workout Routines At Home for Core Strength and the Total Body Workout

For the individual with a hectic work, home or school schedule, signing a membership to a fitness center can be impractical and costly if unused. Workout routines at home are inexpensive, convenient and require few resources.

TRX, an abbreviation of Total Resistance eXercise, is a form of suspension training developed over many years of extensive research to create a portable total body-training tool. When I look at it, it sort of reminds me of gymnastics. Researchers utilized a diverse array of research subjects ranging from regular untrained individuals, professional athletes to highly skilled military services members. There is no need for a home gym to set up a total body fitness program. The TRX system can also be used both indoors and outdoors. The TRX FORCE kit includes an easy to assemble TRX Door Anchor that can be packed for similar exercises while on vacation, can be a big part of your workout routines at home. There are no more excuses not carrying the TRX on the go and not always be in optimal physical health. Using this system is a complete at home workout routine.

Most exercise equipment fails to provide the user with progressively more challenging workout routines. Gym equipment, besides being bulky and very difficult to transport for workout routines at home, typically is only targeted to one skill level: beginner, intermediate or expert. One machine is available for a beginner and that machine should not be used by an expert if that expert wants to progress his workout routines at home. The resistance of the TRX suspension system is provided by gravity and body weight. This allows the user to easily adjust resistance without the hassle of adjusting weights as in other fitness equipment. With a suggested maximum user weight of 350 lbs, TRX places the control back in the hands of fitness enthusiasts, giving them the chance to control how much of their own body weight to use as a gauge of resistance.

The term, core exercises, has become popular jargon in the fitness realm and for very good reason. Core exercises are the fundamental components of all effective whole body workout routines. More than just a trend, core workouts primarily tone not just the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack”) as commonly misinterpreted but also back, abdominal, and buttock muscles.

Performing core exercises does not only give strength and flexibility to the midsection. Not incorporating core exercises for at home workout routines can impair the performance of the upper and lower body. It also affects balance and proper posture. TRX promotes core exercises even when doing exercises directed to non-core muscles such as in chest presses and push-ups because of the stabilizing force of the core muscles. Core workouts are an effective tool against one of the most common medical complaints – lumbago or low back pain. Most people have experienced this pain in various degrees at one point in their life. For this reason, TRX is used not just in Sports Medicine; it is also used in Physical Therapy. Physical therapists teach core exercises in the clinic and prescribe core workouts for workout routines at home especially during the maintenance phase of rehab.

Overall, the TRX system targets stability, mobility, endurance and strength in core workouts for the most complete and well-rounded fitness center, outdoor and workout routines at home.

Workout Routines – Dancing

Ok, so maybe dance for fitness isn’t for everyone, but, it is definitely a great option! As I always say, JUST START MOVING! Dancing is a great core workout! Movement is such a huge gift. We are blessed with the ability to move. There is complete freedom in being able to move, and have flexibility. As we age, this becomes much more of a concern. Senior fitness is extremely important because losing mobility, and losing our ability to move is the biggest stress in growing old. It takes away our freedom to be independent. As we are unable to do certain movements, we begin to rely on others for basic needs.

Many people don’t think about this, but, we must start thinking about it as early as age 25. By age 40, we are naturally declining in muscle. We actually want to build muscle. But, if you can find something that you love doing movement wise, it’s a great way to get in your workout routines. If you have a passion for something, like boxing, dancing, or learning some new movements, it’s truly a great way to get your fitness in everyday.

I love this guy! He is just dancing. He’s free, he’s beautiful, and he’s having a good time. Even he isn’t afraid to get moving!

V-Twists Core Exercise

v-twist core exercises You will notice that her knees are bent and she is seated on the matt with her body slightly leaning backwards. The more you lean back, the tougher this core exercise is! However, if you have lower back trouble, please use some safety with this exercise. If you feel any pain in your lower back while doing this exercise, please do not do it.

She is using a 10 pound ball, but, you can use a kettlebell, or even dumb bell freeweights. I have some people that use a 25 pound kettlebell when doing this exercise. Remember, it is always up to you to decide how your body feels. Anytime you need more intensity, you can increase the weight. Anytime you are needing less intensity, then, lower the weight! You can also increase and decrease the intensity on this exercise by leaning back more or leaning forward. One other variation is to lift your feet off of the floor. Lifting your feet off the floor can make this exercise very challenging.

v-twist core exercise Notice she simply moves the ball from left to right and back again. The counting is considered to be one count is left/right. That counts as ONE. You want to make sure both sides are even. We wouldn’t want you to leave lopsided! : ) So, if requested to do 20 of them, you would go to each side 20 times. If you were to do a single count on each side, you would count to 40. That would count as 20 V-Twists!

Remember when doing core exercises that you need to engage your core. Hold your abdomen tight during the exercise. Squeezing your abdominal muscles helps to keep your lower back safe as well.

Ab Workout Routines

ab workout routinesOk, so you are wanting one of the best ab workout routines ever? A lot of people want to target the abdominal muscles, however, keep in mind that your body doesn’t lose body fat that way. You can’t just lose body fat in the midsection by only working it out. That is why a core workout is so effective. When doing a core workout, you are hitting all of the major muscle groups, while targeting the abs.

The truth about ab workout routines is that you can get your core exercises in all you want, but, if you don’t eat properly, you will never get those six pack abs. So, just a couple of really quick tips before I lay out your ab workout routines! Drink a lot of water. The more water you drink, the less your body will retain it. Retaining water will give your body the appearance of not having abs. Also, cut your fat grams down and increase your protein. Eat six healthy meals a day with in your calorie range, and stick to whole foods. Start eliminating processed foods out of your diet. Eat plenty of fresh raw vegetables.

Ab Workout Routines

With that being said, sometimes, it’s just really fun to do a really tough hard hitting ab workout routine! I love it when my abs feel sore from good hard work! Plus, my muscles are sore deep down, it feels like the added layer of body fat isn’t really there!

So, let’s get down to one of my favorite ab workout routines! Of course, always start with a nice warm up! You want to get the body warmed up first. You can start with a jog, a walk, some jump rope, or anything that gets the blood flowing.

Showing You Ab Workout Routines

You are going to do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes! This means you are going to work as hard as you can for a short amount of time. Going through all of the core exercises on this list is counted as one round. This really is one of the best ab workout routines, so, enjoy!

20 Push Ups
10 Tuck Jumps
20 V-Twists with a 10 pound ball
20 Jumping Jacks
20 Sit Ups
20 Leg Ups

Doing all of those core exercises is one round. Start again at the beginning, and continue this until 20 minutes is up. If you have a timer, that is good. Count your rounds that you did. The next time you go to do this workout, you can attempt to beat your time! And most of all, put on some motivating music, and have fun with your ab workout routines!